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Meet the Management Team

Dan McNamara - Administrator

I am the Administrator at Sungarden Terrace.  Our fantastic team at Sungarden Terrace works hard to keep our community on the top of the list of best assisted livings in San Diego. I enjoy spending time with the residents to create long lasting relationships. Sungarden Terrace is just like home for me and I enjoy coming in during the holidays to visit the residents because they are just like family.

Carolyn Daly - Director of Marketing & Admissions

My role at Sungarden Terrace is to help spread awareness about our amazing community! I also take care of all the admissions of new residents. Sungarden Terrace is truly my favorite community in all of San Diego County. Our great team works together to create a welcoming environment and great care for our residents. I love working here because I feel like the residents and staff are like family.

Fernando Mendez - Culinary Director

I am the Chef and Culinary Director for Sungarden Terrace. My job is to coordinate the kitchen, dining staff and to design the menus for our residents. Most of all I love working with my teams and I love all our residents. They make my day complete when at the end of the day they gave me their sweet smiles. Then I know that they appreciate what I do on a daily basis.

Claudia Munoz- Care Supervisor

My role at Sungarden Terrace is to oversee the care and well being of the residents. I have more than 10 years of caregiving experience as well as experience as a Medication Technician (Med Tech) at Sungarden Terrace. When it comes to caring for the residents I have no problem going above and beyond to make sure that they are getting the care and respect that they deserve. 


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