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Activities & A Typical Day

Your loved ones are sure to enjoy themselves by participating in our wonderful programs and activities found at Sungarden Terrace in Lemon Grove, California. There is much for them to do, even if they choose not to stay overnight but just for the day!

Community Activities

We offer many activities including morning walks, bingo, poker, and even blackjack. There is music and live entertainment as we have musicians come and entertain residents. We also have outings where we have shopping trips, go to restaurants together as well as scenic drives.

A Typical Day

After waking up, residents start their day with a healthy meal of their choice and hot coffee in our restaurant style dining room. Our chef is always ready to meet dietary needs and preferences. We provide a variety of activities that are available to all of our residents. A resident might choose to play cards or have a nice conversation in the garden with a close friend.

Playing Bingo

Lunch is served at noon and is typically a heavier meal. Following lunch, most residents like to go directly outside the dining room to the garden to soak up the sunshine. After an afternoon of sunshine or even shuffleboard, dinner is served. Our dinner is usually lighter and our residents find that suits them best. They might have a cup of coffee or cappuccino and then make their way to their room for the night. For those choosing to stay up, they can play dominoes or even catch a good movie in the theater lounge with one of our volunteers.

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